Anderson-Coats Photography
Anderson-Coats Photography
Main Contact: Sam or Peggy Anderson-Coats
University Centre, Rm 132
University of Guelph, 50 Stone Rd E
Guelph, ON  N1G 2W1
Tel: 519-766-4587

E-mail: E-mail
Anderson-Coats Photography was an independent family run photography business that had been on campus from 1995. Since September 2017 however, the studio is owned by Edge Imaging of Burlington Ontario.

***NEW NOTE as of November 2019: We will be eventually phasing out this website and therefore online ordering of 2004-2017 photos will no longer be available as of August 2020.**** Sam and Peg Anderson-Coats now own Sweet Distractions candy store in Elora, and Sam is also realtor in Guelph/Fergus/Elora! Please come and see us someday!!

This website contains images taken by us from 2004 until September 2017. Please contact us through this website or through our Anderson-Coats Photography Facebook page if you cannot find them. If you have had your photos taken by us after September 2017, please contact Edge Imaging in Burlington Ontario to order your photos.

Note: to find your photos on this website, please do not use the "Advanced search" box using your name. (You can type in 2012, 2013 or 2014 into the search box to find dates during those years) Find your photos by going to the date(s) you had them taken on. If you do not remember the date, please email us and we will help you.
If you do not see your photos on this website, please contact us at as we may still have your images on file, especially if they were taken between 2004 and 2017 and we can upload them again for you if they are not there.

Note: If you currently wish to book grad photos, go to and type in the school code UOU for Guelph University, or call the studio in the U.C. at 519-766-4587 or contact Edge Imaging at 1-888-416-3343 for more information. Please do not contact us for booking through this website.